Welcome to a tour around my world of persian cats!

Litter A

Sire: EC S*Neogenes Jade Aragonite Per a0121
Dame: IC S*Neogenes Beryl Halite Perg02
Born 2003-07-04



S*Dmioretty´s Angel Dream “Engla”
Per g 02
Owner: Linda Kaltea

S*Dmioretty´s Above All “Baltazar”
Per a 01
Owner: Nina Lundberg

S*Dmioretty´s All For You “Snobben”
Per e 01 21
Owner: Dmioretty´s catteri

S*Dmioretty´s Art Of Life “Oliver”
Per a 01 21
Owner: Helena Fryk


Updated: 11-Jun-2005