Welcome to a tour around my world of persian cats!

Dmioretty's is a small cattery located in Stockholm, Sweden. Our cats lives together with us as the familymembers they are.

I got my first persian cat in 1999 and after that i was hooked in the persian cat world.

Dmioretty's is registered in FIFe - Sverak sins 2002 and the name is a combination of the nicknames of my first two cats Dirty and Moet.

We breed Persian and Exotics, white spots with lots of white and some times silver.

All of our breeding cats are tested negative for PKD before their first litter.

My goal is to produce healthy and happy kittens of high quality with a nice temper and open expression.

I welcome you to my world of persian cats and hope you will enjoy visiting my website!

/Cecilia von Gerber

Updated: 30-Sep-2022